Taekwondo students can expect to learn from a wide range techniques from the art, including punches, kicks, blocks, sweeps, throws and joint locks.

This section of the site aims to thoroughly document the techniques listed in the various different groups along with images and video footage on how to perform each technique.  Each technique listed will provide enough technical detail to enable you to practice and develop the technique.

Remember: you attend your classes to learn the techniques – take what you learn from your training and practice to develop your skills further.

Also, remember to do a suitable warm-up when training at home.

Please note: as we are currently in the process of completely rebuilding the site along with the imagery and video content, most of the techniques will be empty of content.  Please bare with us on this, we will soon get into a steady stream of adding the relevant videos and images to this section very shortly.

Update 7th June 2012: a lot of the videos have now been edited and are ready either for uploaded to YouTube and then adding to the site.  If looking for techniques with videos, look for the techniques that have the Korean wording for the name of the technique beside it in brackets, this indicates that a video is available.

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Technique Groups

All techniques are grouped into the following categories below. Click on a category to load the list into the left hand side column, then select the required technique.